Steps to setup Facebook offline conversion in Logisy

Steps to setup Facebook offline conversion in Logisy

Facebook Offline Conversions by Logisy

To set up FB offline conversion, please do the following steps:

  1. Paste the Logisy code in your shop’s, shopify website

  2. Share Facebook business manager access_token with Logisy

  3. Share the pixel id with Logisy

  1. Paste the Logisy code in your shop’s, shopify website

    1. Login to your shops shopify website

    2. Click on Settings

  1. Click on Checkout

  1. Scroll down till you find Additional scripts

  1. From the link below, copy and paste all  the code to additional script.(If there is existing code, go to the end of the line, press Enter and paste the below code).
    Click here for code

  1. Click on Save

  1. Share Facebook Business Manager access_token to Logisy

    1. Login to Facebook Business Manager

    2. In the left navigation click on All tools (3 lines at the top)

    3. Click on Business Settings

  1. Select the pixel in the left nav bar and click on Settings.

  1. Click on Generate access token. Token will be generated, click on the token to copy. Save the copied token for future use.

  2. Share the access_token and pixel id with Logisy.

You have successfully completed the following:

  • Copied and pasted the Logisy code in your shopify website

  • Generated access_token token for a pixel in Facebook business manager

  • Shared access_token and pixel id with Logisy

That's it. All done :) 


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