List Of Features Offered by Logisy

List Of Features Offered by Logisy

Supported Events
Logisy Analyse

Analyze every order your store receives in realtime and flag risky orders. No more wrong phone numbers and pin-codes.
Logisy C2P

Convert COD orders to Paid Orders. Increase paid orders by 25% to 35%
Logisy Geo Analysis

Logisy determines which cities work best for your store and provides you a platform to discover new cities to target. It also detects the worst performing cities and helps you exclude these cities from your marketing campaign
Logisy NDR
- Undelivered
- Address Incorrect
- Premises Closed
- Customer Refused
- Delivery Exception
- COD Payment Not Ready
Logisy integrates with your courier/aggregator company and tracks the shipment status in realtime. On delivery exception (NDR), a notification is sent to the customer automatically via WhatsApp, Email & SMS to collect feedback and an NDR is generated automatically. No more manual follow-ups with the customer for NDRs
Logisy Connect
- Abandoned Cart
- Order Verification
- Order Accepted
- Order Cancelled
- COD to Paid
- Address Too Short
- Tag Added To Order
Keeps your customers in the loop in real-time. Right from receiving the order to order delivery. Logisy sends a WhatsApp, Email & SMS notification
Logisy Ship
- Delivered
- In Transit
- Undelivered
- RTO Delivered
- Cancelled
- Shipment Booked
- Picked Up
- On Hold
- Out for Delivery
- Network Issue
- Delivery Next Day
- No Information Yet
- Out of Delivery Area
- Others
- Delivery Delayed
- Address Incorrect
- Delivery Delayed
- Delivery Attempted
- Pending - Undelivered
- Premises Closed
- Customer Refused
- Delivery Exception
- Delivery Rescheduled
- COD Payment Not Ready
Send automated shipping notifications to your customers in realtime over WhatsApp, SMS & Email
Logisy Chat

Logisy Chat enables you to chat with your customers on WhatsApp directly from the Logisy dashboard. Multiple customer support agents can simultaneously connect with the customers over WhatsApp
Logisy Custom Events (FB)


Logisy generates many custom events on your Facebook Ad account to improve your campaign performance & reduce RTO losses 
Logisy COD Verify

Send order verification messages via WhatsApp, SMS & Email instead of calling your customers repeatedly. You can also configure when and how many times these notifications should be sent
Logisy NPS

Collect NPS scores on WhatsApp, SMS & Email
Branded tracking page

Give a branded experience to your customers by offering them an on-demand tracking page on your domain
Branded Phone Number

We do not use the same bot number for every e-commerce store. You can use a branded phone number that is associated with your brand only. The WhatsApp phone number will have your brand logo and description
WhatsApp Notification

See a few sample notifications here: Click Here
SMS Notification

Email Notification

Abandoned Checkout Recovery

Send Abandoned Checkout recovery messages via WhatsApp, SMS & Email
Automated Return Center
- Exchange/Refund Request Received
- Request Approved
- Request Cancelled
- Return Pickup Generated
- Return Delivered
- Refund Initiated
- Refund Credited
- Exchange Initiated
- Exchange Completed
Provide a configurable UI to your customer to raise return/exchange requests with the ability to add images/videos.

Connect your shipping company and generate return pickups automatically from the Logisy dashboard, or allow customers to Self Ship.

Customers are kept updated via WhatsApp and two-way conversations are enabled within the Logisy Return Center.

Automate COD Refunds - create Cashfree’s Cashgram URL and have it sent automatically via WhatsApp. No more adding customers’ details to your bank account.

Configure the look and color theme of the return center to match your brand’s style.
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